Monday, 30 April 2012

The New Katy Perry Eyelashes

Saturday night I decided to try out these bad boys. I brought them ages ago but was waiting until I had finished using my Girls Aloud ones first.
So I was having an eyelash malfunction with the Girls Aloud ones on Saturday, they just weren't sticking and this never happens, so to avoid ruining my make up and getting stressed out I went for these in the hope that they would stick and look good.
They are similar to the ones I already wear and they look lush, long and thick in the box which is the style I go for when wearing them on a night out.

I was sorely disappointed, these were such a hit when they came out but they just did nothing for me when I put them on. They looked the same length as my normal eyelashes and gave no fan effect at all. And I also had a hard time sticking these on too.
I always wear Eylure and I love their lashes and the glue is usually fine too but these were having none of my eyelid. They took longer than normal to stick and by the end of the night you could see they had lifted up somewhat from the glue.
And I know some of you may be reading this thinking that I didn't apply enough clue, well I'm CRAZY about applying the glue because I couldn't bear the thought of them hanging off haha.

However despite the lack of effect and stickiness there was one really good positive. They are super light weight and you don't feel as if you are wearing lashes at all, its not heavy to blink like normal and they aren't irritating either. So for once I didn't feel the need to rip these ones off :)

So if you want a more daytime lash with light weight effect go for these.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Make Up Removal Products

There is nothing worse than having to take off your make up at night, especially when your coming home from a night out.
But it is an essential part of looking after your skin, as I think we all know the rule about going to bed with your make up on is a definite no no.

The products I am currently using to remove my make up are :

- Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleaner
- Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
- Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
- Roc Eye Make Up Remover

Simple Foaming Cleaners and Facial Wipes

I have used quite a few facial washes to remove make up in the evening, and my favourite is a foam. The foaming cleansers tend to last longer than anything else Ive used before and its easy to apply all over the face and rinse away.
I have been using the Simple Foaming Cleaner for a few months now, its cheap to buy and Boots usually put on a 3 for 2 which is why I have the facial Wipes as well. The bottle has a pump so its easy to use and because its made my Simple it doesn't irritate my skin at all, nor does it make it sting like some of the others do.

Sometimes Ill use one foundation in the day time and ill change it for the evening. So this is when I use my Simple Cleansing Wipes. They are really good if you have sensitive skin and around £3.00 in boots as well. There is 25 wipes in a packet and they contain No Alcohol, No Oil and No colours and perfume which is exactly what you want for a clear fresh face.


However as much as I love to use these they don't always remove every trace of make up. That's where the toner comes in. I haven't always used a toner and I really didn't know what I was missing. I did use the Simple Toner which was perfectly good. But I have recently been introduced to the Clinique range.

I was at the Clinique counter and the skincare specialist showed me the demo of the clarifying lotion and it literally blew my mind, i needed to purchase this item asap.
She a clear piece of tape on the back of my hand and put it on a black background. This showed me all the dead skin cells that were on my hand.
She then used the Clinique Facial Soap and Clarifying lotion to cleanse the back of my hand and done the same as before, and when she stuck the new piece of tape on the black background it was clear, there was no trace of dead skin cells at all. This demonstration really sold it to me.

I went for number 2 which is for Dry to Combination skin and its amazing at getting rid of left over make up and it makes your face feel fresh and alive.
The only thing I was told was too not use it everyday because it does contain alcohol which can stripe all the good oils away in your face which will leave your skin damaged.
They come in a 200ml bottle which retails for £15.00 and this is good value for money as it lasts along time too.

Roc Eye Make Up Remover

This is a good remover, I wouldn't say it stands out to any other brands Ive used before, but it does make the removal easy and doesn't irrate the eye which is what you want.

Morning Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine
Estee Lauder Daywear Range

We all know the importance of skincare routines, and that you must start with skincare in order to have beautiful skin.

So here are the three main products I use in the morning before doing my make up

- Estee Lauder Daywear Moisturiser for Normal to Combination Skins
- Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator
- Estee Lauder Daywear B.B Cream in Light

The easiest way to determine what range is Daywear is that all the products are packaged in Green and they all smell like cucumber which is so refreshing. Daywear is aimed at customers starting to see the first signs of ageing. I think its important to start all this young, as once you get older the damage is irreversible.

I first started using the Daywear Moisturiser six months ago and they purchased the Idealist and the new B.B Cream.


- Using the Moisturiser first you don't need too much of it and just massage it into the areas you think you need it most. A little goes a long way. This is the base for your foundation and you should always use a moisturiser day and night as it will keep your skin hydrated and protect your pore from being clogged by make up.

- Second is your serum, which is the Idealist. I went for the Even Skintone Illuminator. This is still a fairly new product on counter and works perfect with your moisturiser. Its got Triple-Optic Technology which means it will illuminate the skin and you can see that in the photo where Ive swatched it on the back of my hand. Its a small shine which makes the skin glow naturally.

- Lastly I will put on the new B.B Cream. Now B.B creams have hit the make up industry by storm, originating from Asia. The Estee Lauder one comes in two colours, light and medium, and is a thin texture which you car wear alone or underneath make up. I tend to wear it underneath makeup as it sets the foundation and makes foundation last longer. You dont neccessarily have to usethis all over your face unless you were just wearing it on its own. Its a light coverage and amazing if you have good skin.

After all that your ready to apply make up knowing that your skin is being cared for. I will review these products individually as well and go into more detail of what they do and how Ive found them.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

REVIEW : Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation.

'Everyones always asking me'

 ''What foundation are you wearing, your skin looks amazing, how do you get it so flawless''

So Here's my secret....

If there is one product that Ive wanted to blog about, this is the one. This was my best kept secret until joining the company and its my favourite product in my make up bag and I'm going to tell you why I love it so much and how everyone should own a bottle.
I first came across this as a pure recommendation from a friend, although she told me nothing about it and I was buying into this without reading any reviews or comments from other people that wore it.
I brought the Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation early last year, and up until then I had heard of no-one using it, as many people associate Estee Lauder with  an older target market which is partially true, and that's one of the reasons why I loved it even more as it seemed the underdog of foundations with all my friends, not having heard or worn it before. But I was about to make that change.
This was my first product I ever purchased from Estee Lauder as I was more of a MAC girl, simply because of the commercial hype.

But WOW I did not know what I had been missing. It was everything I wanted and more in a foundation and I cannot recommend it enough to everyone and anyone I speak to. Its Estee Lauder's number one selling foundation and its one of the best foundations through out the whole cosmetics industry.

If you are looking for a long wearing foundation, then look no further, Estee Lauder is the BEST for long wear. It claims it lasts up to 15hours. And that girls, is no lie. I think it even lasts way more than that. Its used by many other Beauty Advisors on other counters because it is so flawless and last all day and its very popular amongst air stewardesses for obvious reasons.

I currently own four bottles of this foundation as I cannot bear the thought of running out!!!
Pros :
  • IT LASTS FOR 15 HOURS. What more do you need, I wear this foundation when I'm going out in the evening, as it hold in place through out the night, and when your coming home at 3am and your friends foundation has melted off because of all the dancing, you will be there looking as if you've just applied. Beautiful.
  • The coverage is absolutely flawless, I cannot fault the coverage one bit. It is a semi-matte finish with a medium to full coverage. If you have any blemishes they are completely gone, it is amazing.
  • It comes in intensity's 1 - 6 with each intensity having a pink, neutral and warm undertone so you will be able to match your colour easy.
  • Its oil free so wont produce more oil through out the day, and if you have oily skin it wont slip off through out the day either. Just make sure you use a good powder ( I recommend the Estee Lauder Double Wear Pressed Powder in the same shade as your foundation) I will also review this product.
  • BASICALLY ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. Heaven in a bottle.
Cons :
  • Its £26.50 and a lot of people often say to me that its too much to spend on a foundation. But what I say is you pay for the quality, good products are expensive but you will get your moneys worth. Believe me you do with this product.
  • Drys Fast - Work quickly and blend it well, as you will not be able to top it up as it will leave a random patch on your face which will be a different colour
  • It is not photo-friendly. Which is the only downside, because no matter what colour your wearing the flash of a camera will make you look like a ghost. This is probably thing that could be improved.
My advice would be too obviously go to your counter and buy this product NOW NOW NOW.
Work quickly and blend well with a good foundation brush rather than your fingers, apply to one area of the face at a time and blend. That way you will get your most even coverage, and set with a good finishing powder, preferably one from the Double Wear line for extra 8 hours long wear.

Recommendation Stories : 

When I worked on the counter, I managed to convert my Clarins, Clinique and No.7 Beauty girls onto double wear which they also now wear to work, now that's saying something, but thats our little secret!!!
Not only do I mention it a million times to all my Tweeters on my Twitter accounts and convert them into Estee Lauder loving beauty addicts but on my Instagram too. There is a photo of me wearing my Double Wear and I have had so many compliments on my skin and people asking what I'm wearing. After telling them it was Double Wear an Instagram Follower actually went the next day and purchased this item, purely because my photo inspired her to what she wanted from her foundation. This made me so overwhelmed that I could make such an impact over one photo on Instagram, and I hope to inspire many more of you to try this product and to explore what Estee Lauder has to offer.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is probably one of my favourite cosmetic company's out of them all. There are so many reasons for this which I will spend explaining through out my blog as I do my reviews.
I was given the opportunity to work for Estee Lauder which I obviously jumped at the chance, as I had such a passion for the products and company way before my employment. So you can be assured that all my reviews on the products will be accurate and non biased . These are all my own views and not those of Estee Lauder.

Since working for the company I have been given many products to try and test out and have also purchased many across the other cosmetics company's which The Estee Lauder Companies own, for example, Mac, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone and many more.

Over the next few months I hope to do reviews and tutorials on my You Tube channel on many loved and un recognised products.

My current Estee Lauder collection.

Review: Super Stay 24H Maybelline Foundation

It can be soo hard to find a cheap foundation that actually lasts and looks good on the skin. There's nothing worse than spending out money on foundations that are rubbish, and believe me Ive tried a fair few and most of them are just a waste of time.
However after going through all the foundations from the cosmetic company's in boots, a friend recommended the Maybelline Super Stay 24hr. Longevity in foundation is the key and its what I look for when buying a foundation, theres nothing worse than putting on your foundation and having it come off through out the day and look patchy.
So when I was In America last year I went to Walmart and checked it out, I decided to wait until I went to the U.S because the make up is so cheap in Walmart as well as the exchange rate so I didn't mind trying some new things.

The America bottle I picked up looked like this and the colour was Pure Beige.

And these are the two colours are brought in the U.K

Pros -

  • It does in fact last a long time, I wouldn't say 24 hours though, but if you set it with a powder and don't touch your face through out the day I'm sure it could last longer.
  • It controls oil as it is oil free but doesn't dry out the skin.
  • Its quite a thick consistency which most long stay foundations are which means you have to work quickly with it as it can dry fast and new applicants may find this hard to work with.
  • Its non streaky and the coverage is just right with a semi matte finish
  • The good thing about it is that its around £9.00 in Boots and is a perfect foundation for everyday wear, especially if you want to keep your premium brands for nights out and special occasions. This is the one I'd reach for in the morning if I was in a rush.

Cons -

The only con I would say is that when I went to buy it in Boots after using my American bottle the colours were completely different, so it was difficult to find the exact same colour as before. You would of thought Pure Beige would be the same colour regardless on the country it was brought in, but apparently not. Below are the swatches of Pure Beige from America and Sand from the UK. You can see the massive colour difference.
I ended up taking the Pure Beige one back to Boots and went for Sand instead and I have recently purchased Ivory as Sand was still on the orange side.

IMATS In Photos.

So here are the photos I promised from this years IMATS. Some unreal work.

The two photos below were a preview of what is to be expected at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of Harry Potter which I have recently been to and I will blog about the amazing things I saw there soon also.

The photo below of the amazing doll face is actually a male model. I could not believe that.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IMATS 2012

Early this year I was lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket to IMATS London 2012.
I had only heard about IMATS the year before when I was studying on my Make Up Artist course at college, and if I had not been to make up college then I would probably still be none the wiser.
But thank god that I did hear about it. Ever since the event was mentioned to me I had craved to go, it sounded like heaven all under one roof for me. All the Beauty brands, Makeup Brush Companys, Hair and Skincare Brands all came together for one weekend only in February at Alexandra Palace.
However IMATS carries on the event in all the major cities of the world, which are Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Sydney and Toronto.

So for the readers who have never heard of IMATS before or who have never been I will just give a brief overview into what it intails and to why it is such a neccessary place to be if you want to succeed in the industry.

I went on the Saturday with a friend in the hope of purchasing some new products for my kit, the reason why this event is so good is that all the top brands within the industry have stools which have professional discounts on all of their products. Just to name a few that were there, so you had MAC Pro, Charles Fox, Royal and Langnickel, Cover FX,Illamasqua, Make Up Forever (which isnt so widley avaliable in the UK)

So if your going to stock up on anything for your kit, IMATS is the place to do it.
I did have an idea of what I needed and wanted to get that day, but as soon as I entered the room that went out the window, I literally could of spend thousands there especially as Im addicted to everything cosmetics wise.
However this is the stuff I did get for my kit. It wasnt a lot but it was what I needed and working for a premium brand I get a lot of good discounts on quite a few companies in the industry anyway.

As you can see I got myself a smaller Charles Fox kit bag, as I currently have a massive one from Make Up International, and I thought this would be good for smaller jobs. A Chalres Fox headband and Powder Puff to go with it. A gorgeous brush belt with red stitching from Royal and Langnickel which only set me back £15.00 which is such a bargin. And lastly an amazing neon body paint product which is from Wolfe Face and Art Fx, this cost me only £10.00 and I brought it because its not something I have seen on the market and its something new to add to my kit.
The man also told us that its best effective when used with a flat brush, as that will give the two toned colour effect. I recently purchased the MAC 191 brush for this product.

As well as the amazing shopping you could do at IMATS there was also demos that you could watch and artists from all over the world would be creating their masterpieces through out the day for all to view. There was also opportunites to take some classes while you were there.

But what I found most exciting out of it all was knowing that Nick Dudman was going to be there. He was the main creative behind the scenes of every Harry Potter movie. He made all the prosthetics you see in the films and applied them every day for ten years as well. He is such an inspiration and I could only dream of one day being as good and successful as he is.
Nick was on the mainstage with the one and only Warwick Davis showing us how to apply the prosthetics and make up for Professor Flitwick in the HP Movies.
As you can imagine this was the most popular tutorial of the day, as the line went on for ages, we even had to leave the MAC tutorial half way through just to get in line. But we were lucky enough to watch the entire thing and I think he applied the prosthetics in less than hour which is remarkable.
Ill post some photos below of process and a photo of me and Warwick together.

 Imats is also such a great place for networking and as a make up artist starting out this is the way forward, everyone who wants to be or is in the industry was there, weather that be buying for their kits, taking new classes, or even demonstrating their skills. There was so much talent  around for the taking.

As well as all this make up schools from across the globe were there to entice you into joining their schools or courses. But some of the best courses I came across were at Charles Fox they cost £150 for the day but if you book two courses together then you get them at a discounted price of £200. These are the most reasonably priced classes I have found, especially if you just want a top up on skills you already knew. I will more than likely be booking myself in for a couple of these over the year.

Hope this has been a small insight into IMATS, I could write far more but ill try to not bore you on my first entry. Ill upload some more photos of IMATS in another post so you can see just what it has to offer.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Let's Get Started.


Welcome to my blog, please bare with as I get to grips with sorting out how I want everything to look.
What can you expect from my blog?
Well you can expect a lot of updates about new makeup hauls, premium brands as well as drug store brands, and just beauty and cosmetic based in general.
Ill also be posting about my progress in my career in the ever so hard industry that is the Make Up Artist world.
I cant wait to review some of the amazing new products that I have purchased recently.
Love. x