Saturday, 28 April 2012

Make Up Removal Products

There is nothing worse than having to take off your make up at night, especially when your coming home from a night out.
But it is an essential part of looking after your skin, as I think we all know the rule about going to bed with your make up on is a definite no no.

The products I am currently using to remove my make up are :

- Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleaner
- Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
- Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
- Roc Eye Make Up Remover

Simple Foaming Cleaners and Facial Wipes

I have used quite a few facial washes to remove make up in the evening, and my favourite is a foam. The foaming cleansers tend to last longer than anything else Ive used before and its easy to apply all over the face and rinse away.
I have been using the Simple Foaming Cleaner for a few months now, its cheap to buy and Boots usually put on a 3 for 2 which is why I have the facial Wipes as well. The bottle has a pump so its easy to use and because its made my Simple it doesn't irritate my skin at all, nor does it make it sting like some of the others do.

Sometimes Ill use one foundation in the day time and ill change it for the evening. So this is when I use my Simple Cleansing Wipes. They are really good if you have sensitive skin and around £3.00 in boots as well. There is 25 wipes in a packet and they contain No Alcohol, No Oil and No colours and perfume which is exactly what you want for a clear fresh face.


However as much as I love to use these they don't always remove every trace of make up. That's where the toner comes in. I haven't always used a toner and I really didn't know what I was missing. I did use the Simple Toner which was perfectly good. But I have recently been introduced to the Clinique range.

I was at the Clinique counter and the skincare specialist showed me the demo of the clarifying lotion and it literally blew my mind, i needed to purchase this item asap.
She a clear piece of tape on the back of my hand and put it on a black background. This showed me all the dead skin cells that were on my hand.
She then used the Clinique Facial Soap and Clarifying lotion to cleanse the back of my hand and done the same as before, and when she stuck the new piece of tape on the black background it was clear, there was no trace of dead skin cells at all. This demonstration really sold it to me.

I went for number 2 which is for Dry to Combination skin and its amazing at getting rid of left over make up and it makes your face feel fresh and alive.
The only thing I was told was too not use it everyday because it does contain alcohol which can stripe all the good oils away in your face which will leave your skin damaged.
They come in a 200ml bottle which retails for £15.00 and this is good value for money as it lasts along time too.

Roc Eye Make Up Remover

This is a good remover, I wouldn't say it stands out to any other brands Ive used before, but it does make the removal easy and doesn't irrate the eye which is what you want.