Thursday, 26 April 2012

REVIEW : Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation.

'Everyones always asking me'

 ''What foundation are you wearing, your skin looks amazing, how do you get it so flawless''

So Here's my secret....

If there is one product that Ive wanted to blog about, this is the one. This was my best kept secret until joining the company and its my favourite product in my make up bag and I'm going to tell you why I love it so much and how everyone should own a bottle.
I first came across this as a pure recommendation from a friend, although she told me nothing about it and I was buying into this without reading any reviews or comments from other people that wore it.
I brought the Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation early last year, and up until then I had heard of no-one using it, as many people associate Estee Lauder with  an older target market which is partially true, and that's one of the reasons why I loved it even more as it seemed the underdog of foundations with all my friends, not having heard or worn it before. But I was about to make that change.
This was my first product I ever purchased from Estee Lauder as I was more of a MAC girl, simply because of the commercial hype.

But WOW I did not know what I had been missing. It was everything I wanted and more in a foundation and I cannot recommend it enough to everyone and anyone I speak to. Its Estee Lauder's number one selling foundation and its one of the best foundations through out the whole cosmetics industry.

If you are looking for a long wearing foundation, then look no further, Estee Lauder is the BEST for long wear. It claims it lasts up to 15hours. And that girls, is no lie. I think it even lasts way more than that. Its used by many other Beauty Advisors on other counters because it is so flawless and last all day and its very popular amongst air stewardesses for obvious reasons.

I currently own four bottles of this foundation as I cannot bear the thought of running out!!!
Pros :
  • IT LASTS FOR 15 HOURS. What more do you need, I wear this foundation when I'm going out in the evening, as it hold in place through out the night, and when your coming home at 3am and your friends foundation has melted off because of all the dancing, you will be there looking as if you've just applied. Beautiful.
  • The coverage is absolutely flawless, I cannot fault the coverage one bit. It is a semi-matte finish with a medium to full coverage. If you have any blemishes they are completely gone, it is amazing.
  • It comes in intensity's 1 - 6 with each intensity having a pink, neutral and warm undertone so you will be able to match your colour easy.
  • Its oil free so wont produce more oil through out the day, and if you have oily skin it wont slip off through out the day either. Just make sure you use a good powder ( I recommend the Estee Lauder Double Wear Pressed Powder in the same shade as your foundation) I will also review this product.
  • BASICALLY ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. Heaven in a bottle.
Cons :
  • Its £26.50 and a lot of people often say to me that its too much to spend on a foundation. But what I say is you pay for the quality, good products are expensive but you will get your moneys worth. Believe me you do with this product.
  • Drys Fast - Work quickly and blend it well, as you will not be able to top it up as it will leave a random patch on your face which will be a different colour
  • It is not photo-friendly. Which is the only downside, because no matter what colour your wearing the flash of a camera will make you look like a ghost. This is probably thing that could be improved.
My advice would be too obviously go to your counter and buy this product NOW NOW NOW.
Work quickly and blend well with a good foundation brush rather than your fingers, apply to one area of the face at a time and blend. That way you will get your most even coverage, and set with a good finishing powder, preferably one from the Double Wear line for extra 8 hours long wear.

Recommendation Stories : 

When I worked on the counter, I managed to convert my Clarins, Clinique and No.7 Beauty girls onto double wear which they also now wear to work, now that's saying something, but thats our little secret!!!
Not only do I mention it a million times to all my Tweeters on my Twitter accounts and convert them into Estee Lauder loving beauty addicts but on my Instagram too. There is a photo of me wearing my Double Wear and I have had so many compliments on my skin and people asking what I'm wearing. After telling them it was Double Wear an Instagram Follower actually went the next day and purchased this item, purely because my photo inspired her to what she wanted from her foundation. This made me so overwhelmed that I could make such an impact over one photo on Instagram, and I hope to inspire many more of you to try this product and to explore what Estee Lauder has to offer.