Saturday, 26 May 2012

Clinique Pore Minimizer Sheets


I was devastated when I found out these little beauty's had been discontinued. I for the life of me have no idea why they have, if you know then please tell me.
I had been using these all through my teenage years, you got 50 sheets which end up lasting me for years! I swear the packet Ive got at the moment was from like three years ago.
They are amazing at taking down shine and reducing oil and even better it can do it through make up.
Sometimes after work my T-Zone would be a little shiny so I would use a sheet in that area and it would remove any shine I had and if you have oil on the skin you can see it on the sheet as it will become see through which I loved as you could see it had worked.
It will hardly remove your make up either.

So now these have been discontinued I will be on the hunt for a similar product, something just as quick and easy as there. I know I have seen these by other companies but it just depends on how good they are.

Maybelline Fit Me Range

Last year while I was In the USA I went a bit mad in Walmart trying out and buying new foundations. I could literally spend forever in there looking at all the brands as its so much cheaper then here in the UK.
I ended up buying the Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay foundation and the 310 Fit Me foundation. I went for a foundation from this range as we didn't have it here in the UK last year and even a year later we still don't have it. Not sure why, maybe we will get it eventually.

All the products from this line have numbers instead of names, so you are able to get exactly the same powders and concelers to match which is an awesome idea.
I went for 310 which is a little on the orange side but it was ok at the time as I had a tan. So its supposed to fit your skins colour exactly, however this isnt entirly true.

  • It has a dewy finish
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Thick in consitance
  • Fragrance free
I personally did not like this foundation, I found that it made my skin feel greasy which resulted in the end result looking shiny through out the day, even if I had powdered in the morning. It did not stay put on my face and just made me feel gross while I was wearing it.
This foundation is known for breaking peoples skin out and clearly thats what it did to me, my skin isnt particulary oily, its more dry that anything. I would recommend this to people who have dry skin, but stay away if your oily because it will just slide off.

Dewy finishes arent really my thing, it ends up looking greasy and feeling sticky and I do not like to be shiny. Out of all the foundations I own this is the worst for all of that. So if your like me then steer well clear.

I went back to the USA in December and picked up the Fit Me foudation in 235 as 310 was definatly waaaay to orange for me back home. I also picked up the 235 pressed powder to go with it.
Now even though I was in New York and it was cold the foundation still done the same thing. Through out my shopping trip that day it had come off in patches, but the powder was the worst.


I applied my foundation in natural light and this is why I noticed the powder fiasco. The foundation colour was looking good, I then went in with the powder and it changed the whole colour. It made it SO orange and patchy. Therefore I had to make sure i had applied the powder evenly to avoid colour patches. I was really disapointed with the powder it was noway near the colour of the foundation at all, and it didnt really do much to mattify the foundation.

Overall the Maybelline Fit Me range was a complete fail.

Right : 310 Swatch
Left: 235 Swatch

Tangle Teezer

I had been meaning to try this brush for ages as i had heard such good things about. I always found that when I straightened my hair it was prone to becoming tangled and I heard this helps and stops the breakage you get when you brush your hair.
You use it after you've washed your hair and you comb it through whilst wet and preferably upside down for best results. I found that it got out all the knots from my hair and managed to keep it knot free and silky smooth for ages after.
I would defiantly recommend getting this as it will help keep your hair healthy, and if your trying to grow your hair it will cause it to have less split ends making it longer.

You can get it from Boots and possibly Super drug and some salons, its around £10.00 which people thought was a bit pricey, but hey its something you use every day. It also comes in a range of different colours and some cute designs too.

I also done some research on this product and apparently the guy who invented the Tangle Teezer, Shaun Pulfry was on Dragons Den in 2007 and they all turned him down. Just shows how successful this product really is.

No to SPF

I am currently on the look out for Foundations without SPF in them.
As we all know, no matter how dark you look in the mirror, when the camera comes out you end up looking like a ghost. This is really frustrating and its also caused my face to be pure white with the rest of my body looking brown.
So in order for me to have a chance with a brown face I must invest in some new products which do not contain SPF.
If you know of any good foundations then please suggest :) 

Friday, 18 May 2012


''Opportunity Knocks Only Once, But Temptation Leans On The Doorbell''
This quote sticks in my mind when I feel I have a decision to make. Especially within this industry, its all about taking the right opportunity and grabbing it and that may be having to leave behind the security of everything you know just to follow your dreams. Although it is hard to imagine dropping everything just to do what I want to do, I think if I want it bad enough then it will benefit me in the long run.
Don't ever let money be the cause of stopping you from following your dreams.

This I must always remember. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

May Wish List

The start of my May wish list which is constantly growing.

  1. Beauty Blender Sponge
  2. Origins Super Spot Remover
  3. HD Brow Pallet
  4. Bioderma
  5. MUA Heaven and Earth Pallet

Lee Stafford Hair Growth

I have recommended this to so many people recently, so I think its time it gets it own post as I don't think products like this get enough justice, purely because people think they don't work.
Well I can assure you that this does in fact work, and it is amazing.

I started using this product back in 2010, so Ive had it a while. I picked it up from the Lee Stafford stand at the Clothes Show Live along with a few other bits as I pretty much only use Lee Stafford Products on my hair now.

This products works wonders as long as you use it how it directs you to.
  • You only need a scoop equivalent to an egg
  • Use in between shampoo and conditioner
  • Work from the roots down
  • Leave in for 5 Min's and wash out.
You use the mask every time you wash your hair until you see a growth and then you only have to use it once or twice a week.

I really went for it at one point and used it religiously and my friends kept complimenting me on how long my hair had got, and this must of been the reason. So I recommend this to anyone who is trying to grow their hair.

Top Tip

If you do straighten your hair like me, you need to cut back on it and leave it natural as using this mask wont make much of a difference, as you are still breaking the hair at the ends by straightening it, restricting you from growing it longer.

Reasons to buy
  1. It actually works
  2. Leaves hair feeling silky smooth (better than a conditioner)
  3. Smells AMAZING, and will leave your hair smelling great.

Bourjois 1 Second Polish Remover

I finally brought this little beaut. So many people had been raving about this product on my Twitter so I thought id try it out, as there is nothing worse than trying to take off nail varnish with a million cotton pads.

This cute pink little bottle has everything you will need to remove nail varnish in a flash.
This is what it looks like inside, its a sponge soaked with nail varnish remover and a hole in the middle where your finger goes which you twist around to remove the polish. There is some hilarity to sticking your finger in this as you can tell.

There is a seriously strong smell of nail varnish remover and I thought my fingers were going to stink of it after but surprisingly it leaves your fingers smelling sort of fruity.
I think claiming it takes 1 second is a bit extreme probably about 5 seconds or so which is still amazing.
I managed to remove two layers of nail varnish and a top gloss coat in under 5 minuites.
A definate Must Have!!!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bronze Goddess

My first beauty must have for May is the Limited Edition Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess.
This has got to be my smell for the summer.

Don't be mistaken for thinking its the normal Bronze Goddess that comes out every year, its the Summer fragrance which I didn't even know they were doing.

The normal one looks like this.

But this is the one you should be looking for....

The bottle is gorgeous and is covered with glitter and it is an amazing fragrance for the summer.
It basically smells like coconut and I just want to smell like a human coconut so this is absolutely amazing for me, and has that tropical summer smell. I couldn't believe how lush it smelt and I NEED it in my life.
Someone also told me that you can wear it on the beach and that it wont burn you, but ill find out for sure from the Estee Lauder BA.

Zumba Makeup

Zumba has taken the world by storm the past year and It has also got me addicted. I start back in January and I am literally in love with it. Before I became a make up artist I trained at college to be a professional Dancer and have danced professionally since I was 7 years old, doing shows in the West End and Local Pantomimes, Ive always loved to perform and Zumba was a cheap easy way to keep fit which doing some fun dance classes too.
I go to Zumba every Tuesday and my teacher Mandi is great, her routines are so fun and energetic, and I feel like I'm beyonce shaking my booty every time I go its such a great work out and great fun too especially when you go with other people.

The reason why I'm blogging about my Zumba class is in fact about the make up i was wearing.
Now usually when I go to Zumba ill wear the same foundation Ive had on for the day and that is usually Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hours, and by the end of the class you can see where you have wiped it away through out class, BUT yesterday I went straight from work and I had been wearing my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Id never had so many compliments at my Zumba class before on just my make up.
The ladies said that my make up looked flawless and how clear and good my skin looked, so obviously I told them that I work on a make up counter and that they should come and see me.
And most of the ladies in my Zumba class are quite mature and don't really know what to do with their skin and what products are now available so I was happy to offer my assistants :)

Its just the little things like someone mentioning how well Ive done my make up that makes my day, so hopefully the ladies will come see me at work and Ill give them a few beauty treat to take away and try as well.
So it just goes to show that the Double Wear does last for 15 hours and is heat resistant as well, it will leave you looking flawless even after working out.


Last week I went on Clarins training for the week in London. It was amazing but so tiring and I barely had any time to do anything other that that which is why I haven't blogged lately.
I spent the week travelling up to Clarins Head Office to learn about all of the current skincare products that they offer, it took five days to go over everything and each day we would have an exam on the products we had learnt the day before.
So Ive just been in my little Clarins bubble for the past week or so with getting to grips with new products and what they do. I never knew there was so much skincare and there's about 2 or 3 different products that work for one thing.
But being on training and learning about skincare was such an eye opener. I think we all know that I'm more of a Make Up girl, so i found it really interesting to learn about skincare and broaden my knowledge further which will also help me within my career as a make up artist anyway.

Before looking into Clarins I never really paid it much attention in the beauty halls as I'm always drawn to the make up counters, but Clarins is really popular and now I realise why.
We have all heard of Clinique and the skincare products that they do.

Clarins is very similar but none of their products contain any alcohol and its all made up from 100% pure plant extracts. That is what sets aside Clarins from other skin care company's, everything is natural and wont strip your skin.
I have completely fallen in love with some of the products that I have seen for the body and I will be putting up a wish list of products I want a reviewing some popular products as well :)