Monday, 14 May 2012

Lee Stafford Hair Growth

I have recommended this to so many people recently, so I think its time it gets it own post as I don't think products like this get enough justice, purely because people think they don't work.
Well I can assure you that this does in fact work, and it is amazing.

I started using this product back in 2010, so Ive had it a while. I picked it up from the Lee Stafford stand at the Clothes Show Live along with a few other bits as I pretty much only use Lee Stafford Products on my hair now.

This products works wonders as long as you use it how it directs you to.
  • You only need a scoop equivalent to an egg
  • Use in between shampoo and conditioner
  • Work from the roots down
  • Leave in for 5 Min's and wash out.
You use the mask every time you wash your hair until you see a growth and then you only have to use it once or twice a week.

I really went for it at one point and used it religiously and my friends kept complimenting me on how long my hair had got, and this must of been the reason. So I recommend this to anyone who is trying to grow their hair.

Top Tip

If you do straighten your hair like me, you need to cut back on it and leave it natural as using this mask wont make much of a difference, as you are still breaking the hair at the ends by straightening it, restricting you from growing it longer.

Reasons to buy
  1. It actually works
  2. Leaves hair feeling silky smooth (better than a conditioner)
  3. Smells AMAZING, and will leave your hair smelling great.