Sunday, 24 June 2012

MaxFactor Colour Adapt Foundation

So since the Boujoir Healthy Mix failed me this is the next one I went for which doesn't contain any SPF.
And so far its been fine and hasn't ruined my skin at all. Now on the bottle it doesn't say anything about it being oil-free, but after doing some research it apparently is, so this is the SPF free foundation to go for without any break outs.

I got it in the colour Warm Almond, and its apparently supposed to adapt to your skin tone anyway.
All the colours in this range tend to have an undertone of yellow, so they are all pretty warm even the 'lighter' shades.

Liked Because:

It comes out a bit like a mousse, so its creamy and easy to work with on the skin. It spreads far and gives a good even coverage which tends to last through out the whole day. 
Its not advertised as a long lasting foundation but its defiantly lasted me all day at work, with a great even coverage which leaves me with a healthy glow.

Didn't Like Because:

If you unwrap it you see that its not even a full bottle of foundation that you get as pretty much half of it is the pump to push it out. This is one thing that really annoyed me about it, as the Boujoir foundation uses a pump also but you still get a full bottle of foundation.
Really sneaky use of packaging, especially when you are spending over £9.00 on it.