Wednesday, 18 July 2012

John Lewis Lipstick Organiser

If your a make up junkie like I am then you will have a lot of make up all over the place and nowhere to present it nicely. 
I picked this up in John Lewis the other week, its an acrylic lipstick holder which also holds lipstick brushes in the middle as well. 

Its cute and small enough to fit into the shelves I have in my bedroom and makes everything so much more organised. 
Only problem is you can only fit in oval shaped lipsticks, so no squares here please. 


July Wish List

My current July wish list...

  • The Revlon Photo ready Foundation, make up artists have been saying this is amazing for the kit so I must try it out.
  • Benefit Sunbeam. Looks amazing with a tan for summer. High lights the cheek bones perfectly.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette. THE most talked about brown eye shadow palette. Obvious reasons for this one.
  • Hd Brow Palette. Still on my want list, must order online asap!
  • Candy Sprinkles Nail Wraps. Cannot find these anywhere but I will get them!!
  • Mac Satin Finish Foundation. Need to replace my empty bottle for a dewy shimmery look. 

Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps

A few weeks ago I won the Twitter competition with Elegant Touch, I won the Zebra Print Nail Wraps. 
Ive never used nail wraps before, Ive always heard such bad things about them, and how hard they are to use. 
But recently a few of my friends have been using them and they look amazing. There must defiantly be a bit of practise makes perfect with these and I cannot wait to try them. 

Ill do a post of them and how I got on when they are done. 

Estee Lauder Price Update

So in the last couple of weeks Estee Lauder have put up the prices for their cosmetics!
Instead of your Double Wear Costing £26.50, it will now cost £27.50. 
Now I think £26.50 was enough for the foundation, its one of the most expensive on the high street, and its right you do pay for the quality. 
However there are many other high end brands that have just as good foundation but cheaper. 
Estee Lauder know that everyone loves the products and customers will pay for it anyways, I mean I cant live without my Estee Lauder Double Wear, but in the recession we are in now, women will eventually be looking else were for the foundations or only be wearing it on special occasions!

Below is my current Double Wear collection, so I hopefully wont be running out anytime soon haha

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Hey guys! I thought id do this post today on a MAC foundation that I have had for a while now, and I think this is one of the first posts I'm doing on a MAC product which is crazy!!

I brought this foundation back when I was in America last year. When I was speaking to the make up artist in store I said I wanted a foundation with the same staying power that Estee Lauder's Double Wear has. 
And this is the one she recommended. 
Ive had some MAC foundation before but Ive never really been impressed, as i think the colouring is Way to orange for me. 
The colour I brought it in is NC35, when first applied to the skin it looks a seriously orange colour, but in fact once its left to dry it looks so natural on the skin, with a really good full coverage.

Staying power?

I wanted another high end foundation to mimic what double does for staying power. Pro Long Wear claims it  lasts for 15 hours also, and I think that is partially true, not as good as DW but still good through out the whole day and doesn't come off on clothes either.


The coverage is really good for this one, I would defiantly say medium to full, although MAC say its sheer to medium. It hides blemishes and gives skin that all over even flawless look. The colour changes to fit my skin perfectly.


Unlike normal liquid foundations that are easy to apply because they spread so well, pro long wear is a lot harder to work with, as it doesn't glide on the skin as easy and doesn't go as far as other liquid foundations. I tried applying it with a brush but gave up as it was too hard and taking too long. I finished off with my fingers in the areas that needed it. 

Another good point is that it looks great in photos, leaves a really natural dewy look, and gives you a nice tanned colour to the skin, unlike the double wear which makes you look like a ghost. 
Highly recommend this product to anyone, and especially good to have in your kit bag in a range of colours as well. 

Retails for £24.00

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Following in from my last post this is a review of the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed.

I prefer to cleanse with water, as it seems to be the most effective way at removing stubborn make up, especially long lasting foundation. 
Before Clarins I had been using the Simple Foaming Cleanser for a good few months which was doing me well and I thought it worked well. It would remove most of my makeup but it found it harder to dissolve it completely. 

Where as this product has no problem in removing make up at all. In fact its the only cleanser that I can say leaves my skin squeaky clean. It is unreal, it removes all of the makeup I'm wearing even long wearing foundation which I usually find hard to remove. It comes out creamy, and lathers up when applied to a damp face.

The product is plant based and is soap free and treats the skin at the same time. It will also help to stop the drying effect that water does to the skin. 
I use the one with Cottonseed for Normal or Combination skin. You can also get it for Combination/Oily skin or Dry/Sensitive skin. 

Retails for £17.50

Clarins Toner

Toning lotion is a must after cleansing, and there are so many people that don't bother to do it. 

Here is why you should : 

When you cleanse your skin that removes 60% of your make up and daily grime, and your toner will remover the 40% So for a fully cleansed face you need to use a good toner. 
It also helps to close up the pores that were opened while you were cleansing.
A lot of people cleanse and see a clean face staring back at them, but once you apply toner you realise just how much residue is still left on the face, so there is prove that you need toner to remove the excess. 

There are many Toners on the market, and a lot of them contain alcohol (Clinque) Which is clearly harmful for your liver, so its obviously not going to be good for your face. So when looking for a Toner go for an all natural one so it prevents your skin being stripped and being damaged from any unnecessary chemicals.

After using a Toner with alcohol in I went onto using the Clarins Toner with Camomlile, which is for people with normal to dry skin. At first I didn't like the smell of it, but Ive got used to it and it smells just like plants because it has natural ingredients. 
I love it because it doesn't sting to put on and it hasn't dried up my skin, nor has it made it oily.

The Clarins Toner range is definite must with them supply for people with Sensitive Skin, Normal/Dry and Combination/Oily.
You can then team your Toner up with a Gentle foaming cleanser or a cleansing milk, dependant on preference. 

Retails for £17.50 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Holiday Blues

I have just got back from my holiday from this lush place in Crete. It was gorgeous and the weather was amazing, and I now have a ledge tan to show for it which is brilliant. 
However I do have some cosmetic advice to share with you while on my travels. 
I took along the Max factor Colour Adapt foundation, which is the one below with the pump. So while we were in flight the pressure pushed up the pump and made loads of the foundation squirt out, which was so annoying as that was such a waste. 
So just a point, don't take a pump foundation on the plane, as the pressure will ruin it ha ha.