Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Underground Film Club

From the Rooftop Film Club to the Underground Film Club.

Run by the same people it was time to go underground for a cute cinema experience. 
We went to watch Love Actually, which is honestly my favourite Christmas film and we got to see it a few days before Christmas as well. I was certainly feeling the Christmas spirit after this.

Since hearing about this back in September it has been on my list of things to do before the end of 2015 and I'm so glad I got the chance.


As many of you keep asking me, The Underground Film Club is situated in the Waterloo Vaults. The website says its directly underneath Waterloo Station, which is kind of true but also not completely underneath.
It took a bit of walking and searching to actually find it but eventually we got there.
And once we did it was like a magical under world of cocktails, crazy golf and movies.

It was like falling through the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.
Once through the entrance you enter a bar / crazy mini golf area, with neon lights on the walls and food stalls towards the back.
Perfect and ideal to get drunk and play a game of golf before your film, and even try out the food. Basically they have your whole evening underground sorted.

Before entering the cinema, you have to pass yet another bar, up the stairs and into the cutest cinema lounge, with old fashioned lamps and rugs on the floor. It has just the right atmosphere and the dimmest lighting for all the right romantic cinema effects.

On this floor you can purchase popcorn for the movie, and more drinks if you wish.
The bar is open through out the film if you just cant stop drinking.

The cinema

Before you enter the cinema the stewards hand you your headphones that you need to wear to hear the film and tell you how to use them, and then they draw back the curtain into the cutest and smallest yet biggest underground cinema you have ever seen.

Stepping down towards the screen you can sit wherever you like, but bare in mind these screenings sell out so more than likely you will be sat very closely next to others, so best not to leave odd seats in between you.
With the iconic red seats its picture perfect.

The seating is very compact and close together, and to be honest not the comfiest of seats,. I'm sure there were different types of seats towards the back of the screen.
Once we sat down it seemed near impossible to get out again as it was very tight, so that's probably the only downfall but its perfectly understandable considering the location.
The headphones work a dream, and its actually pretty funny really as while the film is on the whole cinema is practically silent and if you take them off you can hear the odd person thinking they are whispering to their friend but in fact they are shouting which I found very amusing.
What I thought?

I loved it just as much as the Rooftop cinema and I am already planning a return visit in 2016 while they are still showing films.
Its a definite must do with the girls or again dream date material if you want to impress your date.
I feel I may have to start a blog about best date ideas soon :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

SAID Dal 1923 London

Let me show you this little gem of a coffee shop in London that I just somehow happened to stumble across on Instagram. ( This is why I love Instagram hashtags ) 
For those of you that ask me that's how I find a lot of the places I go to. 

It is the most unusual coffee shop I have ever been to, but in the best way. 
Who doesn't love a cup of coffee covered with melted milk, dark and white chocolate?
Not sure anyone would say no to that. 
As far as I am aware it is the only one in London, although it has been a chocolate factory in Rome for over 90 years and it's run solely by Italians, and I just love that.
 It's very authentic and rustic inside, with a whole counter full of amazing handmade chocolates to choose from. 
There is a shelf full of Said chocolate spread in bottles which you can buy and I hear it puts Nutella to shame.
They also have a large selection of cakes to choose from which obviously come with melted chocolate of your choice also. 
I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior as one wall was completely covered with silver chocolate molds which looked really cool. 
We sat on the big table toward the back of the shop on milk churns, which is a cute touch. Anything different and quirky like that I absolutely love.

What we had
My friend and I both had the Mocha's. On the menu it says that the Mocha comes with all the melted chocolate but I think you can get it with the hot chocolate too.
Obviously I just had to get the little chocolate cup filled with melted chocolate with a chocolate spoon. You can choose exactly what chocolate you want, so mix it up.
I basically overdosed on chocolate and it was the best thing in the world, and amazingly I didn't even feel ill afterwards haha.
The coffee shop usually is always busy as its only small but as long as you don't mind sitting close to or with others then you shouldn't have to wait too long.
Its a great place to meet for a catch up or even on a date, I mean the way to any girls heart has to be a cute coffee shop AND chocolate.
The staff are absolutely lovely and all Italian stallions as well so get learning your Italian girls.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Patty And Bun

Saturday night dinner at James Streets Patty And Bun. Having been recommended I eat there it's only been a matter of time till I eventually made it for one of their famous burgers. 
Where ?
The James Street branch is very small and only seats 30 people so seeing as we got there at 9pm on a Saturday night it was obviously heaving, but the line outside to get in didn't put us off, I hear queuing out the door is a common occurrence for Patty And Bun, surely that only shows how good it is. 
We waited for about 15mins which seemed to pass by very quickly when your sitting outside on a lovely Saturday evening with your best friend for company. 
The Inside

I looooooved the vibe in there, be it very small they have got it exactly right. 
The tables are bare, except for what you can see in the photos and the music was amazing, very much perfect for getting you in the mood to go out, I must remember to take note of the link on the menu so I can have another listen to the mixes. 
As its so small the seats are very close together but it didn't seem to be a problem at all probably because the music was loud, it wasn't awkward enough to hear each others conversations. 
The Food 
The menu is kept simple with 6 different burgers to choose from and choice of sides. 
I went for the 'Smokey Robinson' burger and my friend went for 'ARI GOLD' cheeseburger, and we both got the Chips with Roast Chicken Mayo and Chicken Skin Salt. 
Those chips are a must have, they are to die for, I cannot even explain, if you go, get them. 
And the burger was just as you expected, the caramelised onions in mine really topped it off, it's exactly what you would want from a burger joint. 
I loved the way it was presented but I'm not sure what the whole deal is with no plates in these places anymore haha. 
I sort of wish they had a bit more on the menu like Mac and Cheese but I suppose it's all about the burgers and that definitely makes up for that. 

Would I go again?
I think I probably would, it would be nice to visit one of the other restaurants as I think they might be that bit bigger which would mean less worrying about waiting for a table, it is such a perfect date location as well, independent restaurants are way better than your standard big chain restaurants and who doesn't love to try somewhere new and show someone else what gem you have discovered. 
But I definitely would recommend it if you love trying out new and independent burger restaurants, especially as Patty and Bun originally started as a pop up its done so well for itself and you can see why. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Diner - Carnaby Street

There seems to be a pattern here with most of my posts as I'm sure you are aware. FOOD. 

Once again I tried somewhere new that I wanted to share with you all. 
After finishing a shoot on a Friday evening I went to meet one of my girls in Carnaby Street and went on a hunt around Kingly Court but as it was a Friday evening everywhere was pretty rammed. 

Our first choice was Stax but as the wait time was really long we ended up at The Diner in Carnaby Street. 
I had heard good things about it before and my friend has also been and recommended it. 

It's a typical American Diner with real good American food and a great interior to match. 
 Typical good American comfort food.

There isn't really too much to say on The Diner, except for chicken and waffles, together?
Say What!?!?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bills Afternoon Tea

So for my best friends birthday at the weekend I decided to treat us both to afternoon tea and be really sophisticated and all that!!
Afternoon tea has become like a massive thing lately, and there are so many cool places that do it and that are a little bit different so I have totally fallen in love with it and wanted to try them all out.
We went to Bills and I am pretty sure everyone has heard of or been to Bills.
It was proper cute as you can see from the photos. You can choose between your choice of tea or champagne, naturally we went for champagne, I mean it was her birthday after all haha.
As you can see from the photos you get quite a lot and we shared it all out between us and it was really enough food for the both of us.
I would definitely recommend afternoon tea at Bills, you don't have to travel into London for it either as more than likely they have one near you and its reasonably priced too :)

Rooftop Film Club

A couple of weekends ago in August on a super hot sunny Saturday I had probably the best day of my summer with one of my best friends, and here is why :) 

I mainly want to use this post to tell you about the amazing rooftop cinema club. But before I do that I have to mention another restaurant that I tried out that was Meat Liquor. 
I'll try keep it short and sweet, we stumbled across it while actually trying to get off busy Oxford street. 
The interior is pretty weird for a burger joint and it's super dark inside but very different to your normal restaurant which is always a winner. 
We both ordered the cheeseburger which weirdly enough only came on one tray which I wasn't a fan of. 
However the burger was good but nothing too spectacular, and the service was literally terrible, barely anyone paid us attention until we finally had to ask them to attend to us and we had about three different servers. 

So the rooftop film club, there's quite a few that you can visit in London but the one I went to was in Peckham and I would say it's probably the best one and if you look at my photos you will see why. 

This is probably my third post to do with luxury / different cinemas and it is by far my favourite. 
I cannot rave about it enough, it really is for everyone and it's the ideal dream date situation. What better than watching the sunset over London and then watching a movie on a rooftop in cute deckchairs. 

Tickets are £14 each and seats are on a first come first serve basis. 
I would suggest getting there earlier to try out the cute rooftop bar opposite which is home to pizza pilgrims and a range of drinks that you can take through to the cinema. Then the rooftop opens an hour before the film starts so that gives you just enough time to take some pictures of the amazing view and grab your popcorn and sweets. 

Blankets are also provided on arrival, trust me you'll need these even in the height of summer it gets pretty chilly up there. 

We went to see Labryinth, many of the movies put on are old school classics, but make sure you book in advance as it does tend to sell out. 

Since going I have had a few friends who have visited and absolutely loved it and so many people have asked me about it. 

My favourite way to watch a film now, I cannot wait to go back.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Festival Fashion - Lovebox

It is my favourite time of year again, festival season!!!!
So I thought id do you a little festival fashion post with the outfit I wore to Lovebox this year.
I think this is by far one of my favourite festival looks I have done so far, teamed with some amazing temporary metallic tattoos as well.
Hope you like it :)

Top - Miss Selfridge Petite
Dungaree Shorts - Zara
Necklace - Next
Midi Ring - Accessorize

And as for the temporary tattoos, I did a few for Wireless Festival this year and fell in looooooove, so thought I would go all out for Lovebox.
So many people asked me where I got these ones from, I think you can get them in pretty much all high street shops now but they are so ridiculously priced for what they are, so I searched around and found the best place to purchase them from was actually ebay, so have a look on there.
I am so in love with the big one on my hand though, I wish I never had to take them off.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Big Easy - Covent Garden

Ok so before I start to write a review about the Big Easy I must apologise for the lack of decent photos, and the quality of them. What can I say I was more bothered about the food ha, and plus it was super dark.
Covent Garden
The Big Easy I went to was in Covent Garden, and there are two others in Chelsea on Kings Road or in Canary Wharf.
I made an online booking that week for about 6.30pm on the Saturday as I have tried to go here for dinner before without a booking and its just impossible as the place is always so busy.
I think you can always walk in and sit up around the bar area if you really want to try your luck.
I was super excited to try this restaurant out because in case you didn't know its the one where you get to wear a massive bib. Literally search it on instagram and every single picture is of someone wearing the bib, you just have to get a picture wearing it, and naturally I did too if you scroll down you'll see me sporting the look.
The Bar
As we got there a bit early they took our names and told us to go get a drink at the bar and they would come get us when our table was ready.
The bar area has the most amazing selection of bottles I have ever seen you cannot miss it.
The Big Easy is a typical American restaurant so each time a new person sits down at the bar the barmen pour out a new batch of pretzels for you to enjoy while waiting for your table.
I love little touches like that.
The Food
The Big Easy is known for their lobster and seafood. I actually don't eat anything like that so if your like me there are other options so don't feel like you cannot go there, you'll find something especially if you like chicken. 
I have never had lobster before and I thought I might as well try it while I'm there for something new and how could I really of gone there without trying their trademark dish.
I ordered half a lobster, and the Bar B.Q Chicken Sandwich which came with fries and house 'slaw.
And oh my god the chicken sandwich was the best thing I had ate in a longggggg time. It was just unreal and the fries were decent too, I would happily go back again.
Now the lobster on the other hand, not my thing haha. I just didn't really like the taste of it but that's personal preference but I'm glad I tried it.
If you do like lobster you can get it in a variety of different dishes so you will love it.
Also the cool red and white slushy drinks you can see in my pictures is a mix of Pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri, I cant seem to find the name of it on the menu but they will get what you mean if you ask for that.
The Atmosphere
It reminded  me of a typical American style restaurant, I go to America a lot and the style and vibe reminded me a lot of Logan's Roadhouse and I love that as that's very hard to find in London.
There is a downstairs to the Covent Garden branch with another bar and an open kitchen.
Its pretty dark in there and it just has general American country vibes with mason jars with candles in on the tables.
I know they have live music on some nights as well and specials on different days so look out for those.
I would highly recommend it to anyone, I mean you have to go, if only to get that classic bib picture.