Thursday, 26 January 2017

Dinnner in the sky at The Duck and Waffle

The Duck and Waffle was high up on my list of restaurants that I wanted to visit in London and finally in January we got to go for lunch, but not before a lengthy waiting list.

 If you want the low down here's what you need to know.


The Duck and Waffle is located in The Heron Tower in London, being one of London's tallest buildings it has the most breath taking view over London's skyline.

To get to the restaurant you travel by a glass lift up to the 40th floor which honestly moves so quickly your ears start to pop.
Once you get to the top you go through a small dimly lit bar area where you can go for drinks and nibbles without a reservation, with a view of the Gherkin right outside.
Walk through the bar and you will come to the restaurant reservation desk.

Seeing as this was our first time to the restaurant we got given a great table right by the window in the corner.

Reservations and 24 Hours

I had tried to make a visit to this restaurant early last year at about 3am and found a massive line outside in the cold just to get a table, now bare in mind that was 3am. Granted most nights are generally quiet and you can pop in for your duck and waffle fix at any time of the early hours.
However to get this reservation for January 2017, we booked it back in November 2016 and this was the earliest booking they had.
So that goes to show just how popular this restaurant is, so surely with a wait time of two months to get in the food must be spectacular right...?

What we ordered

How could we go to the Duck and Waffle and not get the famous Duck and Waffle.
To start we went with the freshly baked bread.

Hand - Churned Butter and Puglian Olive Oil £6
The bread came out really warm and was amazing with the butter, although nothing really out of the ordinary. But if you are like me and absolutely love bread then go for it.

I always thought that duck, waffles and maple syrup all put together would taste really strange as its like a dinner and breakfast in one.
So I ordered it not knowing if I would actually like it or not, however I was pleasantly surprised.
I would definitely recommend ordering this dish, the contrast between sweet and savoury is so good and nothing like I have had before.
The duck was cooked to perfection and the waffle was fresh and fluffy.
The Duck and Waffle costs £17

We had a table booked for 3.30pm which in January in the UK is ideal time for catching sunset at around 4pm and I have seen the most breath taking photos of sunrise and sunsets from the windows all around the restaurant.
However unfortunately with the rubbish foggy weather we have been having lately we didn't get to see a sunset, but hey guess that means I have to go back again right? Maybe even to see the sun rising this time.