Sunday, 5 February 2017

Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Palm Court

Afternoon tea is always a good idea, and an even better idea when its with champagne.
For Christmas my partner and I got this given to us as a gift, and we could book to do it whenever we wanted within the year.
I love the idea of afternoon tea and have always wanted to do it properly, so I was super happy that we got given this at Christmas.


Its at The Sheraton Grand Hotel on Park Lane in Mayfair, the afternoon tea is served at the restaurant called Palm Court.
Once you walk into the hotel you walk pretty much straight into the restaurant, which has a seating area in front of a bar and accompanied with the beautiful sound of a harpist playing for you at the front. I thought that was such a great touch and very elegant, rarely ever do you go to places and they have a harpist playing.

Birdcage Afternoon Tea

For afternoon tea there are two different types you can chose from, High Tea or The Birdcage Afternoon Tea, both also come with vegetarian options.
We had the Bird Cage afternoon tea, with champagne and chosen teas of our choice.
I'm not really a tea drinker so I went for the same as my partner, full English breakfast tea. But I do remember seeing a nutty chocolate tea on the menu that I wish I had tried.

Unlimited Food?!?!

Before our visit I was doing some research online to see what others had said about it and a few people mentioned unlimited cakes and food which seems just too good to be true.
But in fact it was true and probably one of the best ideas ever.

So not only did we have all the sandwiches and cakes we could imagine, we were also able to order more if we wanted to.
So with that in mind we ordered more of the little sandwiches and scones.
Your waiter will also tell you about a table with more cakes that you can help yourself to that don't already come with the afternoon tea.

I was starving when we arrived and left feeling very very satisfied, if not a little over stuffed.

The Food

You get a selection of sandwiches with a salmon and a seaweed scone to start with which were delicious, next up was four scones, two plain and two with sultanas with clotted cream and also some home made jams and lemon curd which went down a treat.

By the time we got to the cakes we were full after two helpings of the scones and sandwiches, but we had to try the cakes.
I think the cakes change every time and I cant remember exactly what we had but we halved them all as we were already so full and they were all delicious.

The atmosphere of the hotel and restaurant was lovely although the service to start with was a little slow, we had to wait a while to order drinks and let the waiter know which afternoon tea we wanted, and when you are hungry it honestly is too long to wait haha.
However other than that it was amazing and so relaxing, don't worry too much about having to leave on the set time they want the table back if its not a busy period as we stayed a little longer and it was not a problem

Another tip don't worry too much about being overly dressed up and smart, as I had read you have to be smart and not wear jeans, however some people came in and there were not dressed up AT ALL and it didn't seem to be a problem.